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Periodic Volumetric & Change Analysis Surveys with UAV

Arvista has a proven track record of providing reliable, timely and cost-effective UAV aerial surveying services on a periodic basis for numerous mining and civil construction projects.

Our UAV aerial surveying capability is ideally suited to repeat surveys of active project areas to enable accurate reporting of quantities over time.

The high level of detail and spatial accuracy achieved in the digital terrain models and imagery produced by Arvista's UAV aerial surveys enable accurate measurements to be made and compared from one survey to the next. This allows accurate and timely reporting of:

  • Stockpile volumes
  • Cut & fill volumes for mining and other earthworks, including reporting of compliance to design
  • Areas (of clearing, disturbance, placed materials, prepared surfaces, etc)
  • Tailings deposition
  • Ground movement (including subsidence zones and pit wall movement in mining operations)
  • Vegetation & landform change analysis (including rehabilitation monitoring)
  • And much more
Periodic Volumetric & Change Analysis Surveys with UAV
Periodic Volumetric & Change Analysis Survey Equipment

Engaging Arvista to conduct periodic surveys of your project can many benefits, including:

  • The capture of very detailed and accurate terrain models and imagery over large areas on a periodic basis provides a valuable catalogue of data that can be utilised into the future for a range of reconciliation and reporting purposes.
  • Rapid data acquisition, processing & analysis to meet the needs of our clients' reporting requirements. Our surveyors can travel to your operation with all necessary equipment and software to enable immediate processing and analysis of critical data.
  • Enabling the clients' survey team to remain focussed on production surveying requirements during the busy monthly reporting period.
  • Delivery of data that can be used by multiple personnel or departments within your organisation. The aerial survey data provides substantially more information than traditional terrestrial surveys, such as high resolution ortho-imagery and rendered terrain models. We can provide this information in many formats to suit the end user, including online options.

Arvista have a range of UAV types that are well suited to this type of application. This includes fixed-wing and multi-rotor (vertical take-off and land) systems that can be easily transported to and from site, including systems with PPK GNSS capability. Our surveyors are also equipped with appropriate computer hardware and software licences to enable any critical data processing and analysis to be completed on site.

Our UAV systems, software and workflows have been applied extensively to periodic surveying applications and our clients can have full confidence in our surveyors being able to provide a safe, reliable solution to their surveying requirements.

To find out how Arvista can assist your organisation with periodic UAV aerial surveying services, please contact us to discuss.

Periodic Volumetric & Change Analysis Survey Topology