Arvista Aerial & Terrestrial Surveying Services

Arvista's Surveying Services

UAV Aerial Surveying

Having provided commercial UAV aerial surveying services since 2012, Arvista has extensive experience in the acquisition, processing and analysis of high-resolution aerial data from UAV.
We operate a range of professional UAV types (fixed-wing & multi-rotor), RTK GNSS equipment, and software to suit a wide range of applications.

Some of our typical UAV aerial surveying services include:

  • Periodic volumetric surveying, such as monthly aerial surveying of stockpiles, open pits, tailings storage facilities. Read More
  • Aerial topographic surveying. Read More
  • High resolution 3D modelling of open pit mines. Read More
  • Environmental monitoring, including vegetation health from multispectral imagery, landform stability analysis, measurement of rehabilitation performance. Read More
  • Infrastructure Inspection
  • Miscellaneous data extraction, reporting, presentation and analysis of the aerial data to suit your specific needs (such as hosting of the data on our online GIS portal, generating PDF maps/plots, volumetric reporting, cut & fill analysis, contouring, digitising, surface water flow modelling, and much more).
  • Customised trainingand consultation to assist clients with integration of UAV-derived data into existing workflows.

Arvista uses a range of professional CAD and GIS software, enabling us to deliver data to clients that is immediately usable. This includes software commonly used in mining such as Surpac, Datamine, Vulcan, ArcGIS and others.

We are a CASA-certified operator of UAV's, enabling us to provide commercial UAV operations throughout Australia (Remote Operator's Certificate No. CASA.ReOC.0531).

UAV Aerial Surveying Equipment
UAV Aerial Surveying Topology
Manned Aircraft Aerial Surveys

Manned Aircraft Aerial Surveys

For large scale aerial surveys, manned aircraft may provide a more efficient and cost-effective alternative to UAV.

Arvista can provide solutions involving both photogrammetry (including multispectral imagery) and LiDAR.

Mine & Engineering Surveying

Arvista employs a number of experienced mine surveyors (including WA authorised mine surveyors) who are capable of conducting a range of mine surveying services, including underground and open pit mine surveying on short or long-term contract.

  • Contract mine surveying (underground and open pit)
  • Drafting of mine plans
  • Establishment of control for new projects
  • Establishment of survey department
  • Other miscellaneous services such as surveying of drill hole collars, etc.
Mine & Engineering Surveying